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le 05 décembre 2007

A New Brain

So I'm doing collegiate theatre again! What fun. My reputation preceded me. That was funny. Pauper Players is doing A New Brain, a very intricate one act by William Finn. There were some major performers at the Callbacks. I'm lucky that I was "pre-cast" for the role because, man, those kids could wail. There are some 6-8 part harmonies in a lot of the music. and there are only 10 people in the show. I sing in a lot of the songs, unless some of the music gets shifted around to other people.

More information will follow, i'm sure.


le 15 septembre 2007

Happy and helpful

Happy Birthday Patrick! I'm probably going to send you a friendster message, but I wanted to extol your virgoness here as well. :)

Kymmz: Question for you: Do you have a recommendation of a short 5-10 minute scene about a detective? I'm looking to do a film noir performance piece and the script we were going to use just got canned by the AD.

le 03 août 2007

bits and pieces

Found out last night that I didn't make the top 3 candidates for a job I was banking on that I had. And you know what, I'm okay.



Directed by Thomas "TeKay" King and Thaddaeus Edwards

As a race riot rages in the streets of Harlem, an African-American artist
attempting to portray three faces of African-American womanhood meets a
woman who forces him to reexamine his beliefs.

Featuring: Barbette Hunter, C Delton Streeter, Geraud Stauton, Leigh L. Holmes, TeKay and Thaddaeus Edwards.

What: A staged reading of Alice Childress' Wine in the Wilderness

Where: Manbites Dog Theater 703 Foster St. Durham, N.C.

When: Saturday, August 4th at 8pm

Tickets: No advance reservations. Door sales only.Pay what you can, $5 minimum.

How: Directions and phone number: www.manbitesdogtheater.org

le 02 août 2007


I crossed a line with a friend a few weeks ago, and I'm now dealing with the ramifications of doing so. Twas "innocent" on my part. At least I thought so, but now looking back on the situation...

And then again, maybe it's not all about me. That wouldn't be the first time that I thought it was.

But I konw I've lost contact with someone I really found interesting--who no longer shares that same intrigue.

Moving on. I'll telling him to keep on rocking in the 'burbs.

le 22 juillet 2007

So I couldn't get a body that actually looks like mine, so this is the idealized version of tekay as a simpson's character.


le 21 juillet 2007

One of the plays I directed this summer for the 10x10 is called "Bluff". It's by Mike Folie, who has had one of his short plays produced by us before--"Naked Mole Rats in the World of Darkness". Currently, the movie version of "Bluff" is in post-production. Yeah. Twas a bit scary that he was coming to see the show.

From the stage, during the playwright talkback, he said that it was the best production of his work that he'd seen. Talk about being floored.

Here' what he wrote that's going on the artscenter's website and in all the press releases:

From Mike Folie:

I wish every playwright could have an experience like the one I had seeing my play produced by 10 by 10. The nicest gift a playwright can hope for is an impeccably professional production in front of a large and appreciative audience. And that's exactly what you get at 10 by 10. Ten by Ten is hands-down the best short play festival in the country. Lynden Harris and her team of on-stage and behind-the-scenes people do a tremendous job. Playwrights selected for the Festival can count on receiving a professional production in front of a large and appreciative audience.


No matter how much I complain, I really love doing this.

le 10 juillet 2007

sick sad suddenly

it's 3:30AM
work alarm goes off at 8:45am
I am wide-awake. right now.
i am sickly from a cold caught because.
i don't sleep enough.
i'm stressed
i was around a co-worker from argentina who has a cold
i smoked to the point of dehydration (that's always the culprit really)
water? what's water...give me a mojito.
did i mentioned being really cold sitting in a pizza hut
and not drinking water.
and smoking
but now i've taken a mucinex.
and squirted some shit up my nose.
and ate.
and masturbated.
some of that was three hours ago.
many things swirl around my head.
where is the warmth.
show opens on Thursday.
y'all have to keep up.
it's 3:33am
i'm wide awake.
maybe it's the afternoon and this is a dream
and i'll
actually get a good night's sleep tonight.
you just imagine.
i mean, can you imagine.
maybe i'll shave.
no, not really.

le 27 juin 2007

will i am.


Your Score: Elizabethan

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le 21 mars 2007

Heroes Quiz

This is not who I thought I would get. But it is.

NillaChino, you're now logged in!

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Mohinder Suresh

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Your best quality: You're a maverick intellectual
Your worst quality: Your opinions can change rather quickly and suddenly

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hey y'all

I wanted to put something here.

Taken from digipaco

Ask me a question about each (or any) of the following:

1. Friends.
2. Sex.
3. Music.
4. Drugs.
5. Love.
6. LiveJournal.

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential.
Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked!


American Idol.





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