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new beginnings

new beginnings

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Well, it's been an interesting month in my new home town. I've been getting used to the change of pace and the spatial relation to everything. There are some very cool people here, and I'm running across folk that I just wouldn't have been associated with in my previous life. Sometimes, it's a bit disconcerting. I mean, TN is a really red state--and that makes life so much more interesting and challenging.

But in a good way.

I still don't have any furniture and even sooooo, there is clutter everywhere. And then, I get too busy (yeah, go figure) to do anything about it.

Work is good. My hours have changed so it's to a bit more of a normal for me schedule. HAhahhah. And yet, I'm still not there on time as often as I'd like.

And I'm not always walking to work. I have to change that, because I must lose weight for one, and I must get healthier, and it makes no phucking sense to drive three minutes to work, and then have to walk more than 5 minutes to get to my desk. It's fifteen minutes from my door to desk if I walk.

We're having our big summit this weekend (friday, monday and tuesday). It's been fun so far.

I had rehearsal this week for one of the singing groups that I've gotten invovled with. It's going pretty well. More to come about that. Had a long discussion with several of the group members tonight about life. Perceptions change. And so I'm growning as a person and a musician.

I'll be going to Miami in July so that's pretty awesome.

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