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We Make Life Harder Than It Has To Be

Two days. Ya know. (waiting for the world to change & rememories)

Two days. Ya know. (waiting for the world to change & rememories)

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There is a possibility that I may move to Memphis.

There is a possibility that I have missed a chance at a different opportunity.

There is a possibility that I'm telling myself to be okay--not necessarily happy--but okay and it's making a difference.

There is a possibility that I am very tired.

There is a possibility that this is not what I was going to write about today just a few hours ago.


Yeah, so after writing that entry yesterday, I remembered what it was that I had wanted to talk about.

Wednesday night I spent the nerdiest and more narcissistic of times navel-gazing. Yes, now that I'm working on campus, I can do campus activities.

So, in waiting for a good time to go surprise Dan and Kate (Wheeless-Middletons) who are down here directing a play in conjunction with the DDA/Ground Up!, I head over to Davis Library because I wanted to check out a copy of E P Jones' book "The Known World". I'm going to consider doing an adaptation of it for NTT as a future production. Since I've been challenged by both my aunt D and my fauxmom F (jaz's mother in case you know about these things), that I should be writing more. I know it's true, so here I go.

I find the book in Davis and lo and behold it's on the same floor as they are now housing the Masters theses. So you know I had to go give mine a visit. Well, before I even looked at mine, I started reading about productions that I had been involved in while in school. Cabernath and Mkares are two of them in particular that I remembered for various reasons. Apparently, I was in a fourth but for the life of me couldn't tell you what it was now. I write reminders about the other two in MY thesis...see how circular this is all becoming?

Anyway, Mapplethorpe was the subject of one. We did an amazing art house galleria type production. Yes, people were naked. Not me. But some were CRAZY nekkid. Memories flood. And this was before I was <>. We'll leave it at that. Interestingly enough, it was one of the most popular MA productions the department had seen. Almost 600 people tried to see it (only 250 got in) we even had to add an extra performance because of the demand. controversy will do that. I think I may talk about this more later. Anyway, thinking about the homonormative nature of M's work brings back a lot of issues that we're dealing with today.

Which springboard's into Mkares' piece about the men's movement. though it wasn't really. i felt myself getting a bit riled up about the memories from this show because truthfully it was supposed to be about the humor in dance choreography...a staple of the director dance vocabulary. And she'd said before, what's more funny than a bunch of guys who don't have training, dancing. It all worked out in the end, even though some feelings were hurt at the time. The whole production spun on its head. But it also brought back memories of some wonderful guys that I've lost touch with (who were hot) <>. This was the show that my advisor didn't want me to do for some reason. Hein.

So that lead to me reading parts of mine again. Especially since I was being so hypercritical of the others. OOO look at that typo...oh god what kind of sentence is that...comma you need a comma! hahaha. except well, C's was really well written, it was mostly M's. So, then I started seeing all of these mistakes in mine. Argh.

Plus, I can't remember all of my cast members' names and I used code words in my thesis to protect their identities (and didn't include the cast listing or program natch) though I believe it might be with the videotape. So I couldn't remember who wrote the stuff that was in my directing project (the pre-cursor to my thesis production). So reading notes about losing such and such a cast member and the issues that caused, no longer resonanted fully.

but it was a good couple of hours.

Can't wait to do it again.

God, I'm so happy being back on campus. I didn't know it, but I am.
  • Last night outside the student union, walking past what I thought was a group of loud undergrads, I thought, "Gee, that gay black man screaming about theatre reminds me of Tekay."

    Then people started joking about your name.

    I almost stopped to say hi, but then remembered that I was in a rush.

    Welcome to campus!!
  • Memphis? WTF?
    I am glad to hear you have some some kind of employ.
    And campus is wonderful and invigorating, though at the same time I want to wring the necks of the optimistic, not-yet-gained-50-lbs academes I hear wandering around.
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